Keep the warmth in and the draught out

The unique way in which we construct our bespoke windows and doors, along with the high quality materials we use, have a huge impact on their thermal performance.

The result is an incredibly comfortable home, with fewer draughts and cold spots. It’s a far quieter home, with enhanced noise reduction properties, and one with reduced levels of condensation build-up.

An energy-efficient home starts with exceptional windows and doors. So what are you waiting for?

How we maximise

Through our clever design, we’ve been able to maximise our products thermal performance. Here’s how…

High performance glazing systems – Our glazed units are filled with argon gas (which is a non-toxic, odourless gas that acts as an insulator) as this offers a lower thermal conductivity than air.

U-values – A ‘U-value’ measures the heat loss of a complete window or door unit. It measures how effective a material is an insulator by the entire product – including the frame, sash and glass. The lower the U-Value number, the better the window or door will keep the heat inside a building. All of our products have been given a notably low U-value number in accordance with their excellent energy-efficiency.

Double gasket/seals – The double gasket provides a tight seal between the sash and frame of a window or door unit, enhancing its air and water tightness and helping to keep the heat in.

Passive House windows and doors

Our products have such high levels of energy efficiency that they’re suitable for Passive House projects.

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