Choose your style

Our top guided windows are available in both AURA & AURAPLUS and FORMA & FORMAPLUS. That means that whether you’re opting for a classic look or something more contemporary, we’ll have one to suit your build. And with a range of different accessories and glass types, you can truly make it unique.


Min. width 358mm
Min. height 383mm
Max. width 1,798mm
Max. height 1,598mm

Max width and height are subject to glass weight and spec.

Beautifully bespoke and built to last

The opening function of a Rationel top-guided window is controlled by tracks and slides. Suitable for all rooms and with no visible external hinges, every single one of our top guided windows is made totally bespoke for you, with the promise of exceptional durability.

Effective ventilation for your home

Top guided windows provide particularly good ventilation, as fresh air is able to enter from both above and below. You can also choose to include a built-in trickle vent with your purchase, to allow for effective venting without having to open the window.

Crafted with care

We’re more than just another window and door company. We’re about something more – about delivering products that bring light and warmth into people’s lives, and creating a space where you can truly enjoy the everyday.

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Useful guides for top guided windows

Discover our helpful guides for all the information you’ll need on your new purchase.

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Good aftercare is an essential part of ensuring your windows’ performance and keeping them looking beautiful.

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