Triple glazing – what you need to know

Triple glazing offers the best standard of thermal efficiency on the market – as much as 40% more thermally efficient than C-rated windows. The extra pane of glass helps to retain significant amounts of heat within a home, in addition to the unique coating that reflects heat back into the building.

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Our triple glazed windows

We have high-performance triple glazing options for both our modern and traditional style windows, so whatever look you’re after, there’s guaranteed to be something you love.

Our triple glazing in numbers:

AURA 0.78 W/m2 K U-value, 42 dB* Rw sound reduction
AURAPLUS 0.79 W/m2 K U-value, 42 dB* Rw sound reduction
FORMA 0.78 W/m2 K U-value, 42 dB* Rw sound reduction
FORMAPLUS 0.80 W/m2 K U-value, 43 dB* Rw sound reduction

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Our triple glazed doors

Whatever style of door your project needs, we’ll help you find the right one. Our range of glazing options will ensure that your project is built to provide warmth, safety and security – just the way you intended it.

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* The acoustic performance of 42 dB and 43 dB is for our highest performing acoustic glazing

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If you live in a busy location, you’ll know how disruptive noise pollution can be. It can affect your sleep and your ability to relax, and really impact those home comfort levels. Triple glazing contributes to reduce external noise, so you can focus on the important things inside.

What’s more, triple glazed windows and doors are argon-filled, which further reduces heat transfer coefficient. That means a warm, cosy environment you’ll never want to leave.

Useful guides for triple glazed windows & doors

Check out our helpful guides for information on everything from distributors to installation advice.

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Good aftercare is essential if you want your windows and doors to last for decades to come – our aftercare information has got you covered.

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