“In olden days, herdsmen would have travelled long distances to take their cattle to market, and Clachan House was one of many inns that they could stop over on their long journey,” explains Mr Mulgrew. “It had been badly extended over a number of years with various flat top roof additions. We took away the extensions, stripped back the layers of finishes from the outside walls, to expose the original Scottish stone and built a new “box” within that.”

Stuart continues: “we were fortunate in our village of Fintry. The local community worked hard with our electricity providers over the planning of a new wind farm, ensuring that the village had the resource of one of the wind turbines they built. This not only gave us all power and light, but also enabled us to feedback and earn from the excess electricity generated on our land and returned to the National Grid.”

Rationel supplied Stuart Mulgrew with windows, fixed panels, a glazed entrance door as well as its, AURAPLUS, triple-glazed French opening and patio doorsets. Cheryl Bunton from Rationel distributors ADW said: “Clachan House was one of the very first Passivhaus projects we have supplied in Scotland, and the Passivhaus standard is about as onerous as it gets. To get such positive comments from an air tester regarding the airtightness of our products was a huge compliment.”

Quality insulation

Stuart’s new home has no heating system. The warmth comes from natural body heat and a small air source heat system. The insulation package (which is almost half a metre thick) and triple-glazed Rationel windows all contribute to its sustainability credentials
and energy-efficiency.