Mounting your entrance doors correctly for maximum benefit

Fixing the entrance door directly into brickwork

Remove the door sash from the frame

To get the best performance out of your new door, it is important to mount it correctly. First remove the door from the frame by lifting it off its hinges. Then remove the wooden plate protecting the frame cill.


Place permanent blocking below the cill to allow grouting or jointing below the door frame. Remember that the cill has to be blocked up to be firm to step on. The maximum distance between each block is 30cm. For additional information about correct blocking, see the label on the pane.

Position the door frame

We recommend that you position the frame approx. 4-5cm within the brickwork aperture to protect the door from rain and rough weather. If possible, you should position the new door approx. ½ cm ahead of the old door so that the new door covers the old joint. Use air wedges to adjust the door until it is plumb and level.

Fix the frame

Then drill 3 holes in either side of the frame using a 6mm wood drill. It is important to position the top and bottom holes as close to the hinges as possible. Drill the third hole in the middle. Remember to align the holes with the brickwork in order not to drill into a joint. Then drill holes for the installation screws using a 6mm wall drill. Only fix the screws in the side where the hinges are positioned. Then lift the door onto the hinges and check that it shuts firmly. If not, the door sash must be adjusted.

Adjust the door sash

When you have adjusted the door sash, you can fix the rest of the frame by mounting the last three screws. You have to mount the centre screw as close to the receiver as possible. You must also position a block behind the receiver – this is a burglary inhibiting feature.

Adjust the door

If you have to adjust the door at a later time, you can do so quickly and easily. You can adjust the door height by 5mm up or down using a thread on the pivot in the centre hinge. Use a 6mm Allen key. The door can be adjusted sideways by means of the small Allen screws on the part of the hinges mounted on the frame. Use a 3mm Allen key here. First unscrew the hinge screw using a Torx T20 and then adjust the door sideways before fixing the screws again. All Rationel’s doors are supplied with an adjustable sash lifter. If you have adjusted the door hinges, you must remember to readjust the door sash lifter on the actual door. You have now completed the installation and only need to joint or mount expanding sealing strips.

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