Modern or traditional

Our bespoke casement doors can be designed specifically for either modern builds or traditional properties, depending on your tastes and your project. Rationel AURA & AURAPLUS is our modern range, characterised by slim, clean lines, while Rationel FORMA & FORMAPLUS is perfect for a more classic expression.


Single door:

Min. width 503mm
Min. height 1,703mm
Max. width 1,198mm
Max. height 2,398mm

Double door set:

Min. width 953mm
Min. height 1,703mm
Max. width 2,328mm
Max. height 2,398mm

All maximum width and height measurements are subject to glass weight and specification.

Crafted with Scandinavian passion

For over 60 years we’ve specialised in superb Scandinavian design, focusing on high-performance minimalism and meticulous attention to detail. This quality shines through in every single door we produce, and with each one made entirely bespoke, you can be confident in the knowledge that we’ve considered every aspect, from colour to glazing to functionality.

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Enjoy maximum daylight, every day

The large glass area of our casement doors means it allows for maximum amounts of daylight to enter into your home. The effect is such that it almost breaks down the barrier between indoors and outdoors, while the door’s excellent insulation properties ensure it retains warmth in the colder months. So no matter what time of year, whatever the weather, you can enjoy the scenery in comfort and style.

Useful guides for casement doors

Check out our helpful guides for information on everything from distributors to installation advice.

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Good aftercare is essential if you want your doors to last for decades to come – our aftercare information has got you covered.

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