Rationel commitment to the environment

Rationel manufactures and delivers products that encourage wellbeing, promote a good indoor climate, and help maintaining a healthier home.

Our windows and doors are designed to minimise their environmental impact, and are manufactured with a focus on quality, long operational lifetime and reduced carbon footprint.
It is important to us to take good care of our shared resources and to give back to society. That’s why we are committed to the recycling of the waste generated during manufacture, and of our windows and doors at end of life. In addition, we support environmental, social and cultural initiatives through the work of our two non-profit foundations.

We also provide evidence of our commitment to the environment. This includes the ‘Indoor Climate Label’, which is carried on all our products, our use of FSC®-certified wood, and an extensive testing programme to prove the durability of our products. These, together with the publication of our product specific EPD provide transparent data about the environmental impact of our products and proof of our commitment toward the environment.

Windows and doors
…for the ideal indoor climate

​Rationel windows and doors make a significant contribution to a more comfortable and healthier indoor climate and, as a result, a better quality of life.
Read more about the positive contribution our products make to:

  • air quality
  • daylight levels
  • sound insulation
  • security

Windows and doors
…as a long-term investment

Sustainability is not just about how our products are made but also how they are used. Rationel windows and doors are built to last, designed to withstand wind, rain and daily wear and tear, and as a result are an excellent long term investment. Read more about:

  • long life expectancy
  • quality and durability
  • warranties

Windows and doors
…which give back

At Rationel we understand the importance of taking good care of shared resources and giving back to society. As a manufacturer, our commitment to the environment includes giving back – by planting trees, through recycling initiatives, and by supporting the communities in which we work, and which use our products. Read more about:

  • our use of FSC® certified wood
  • how 93% of the materials used in our products can be recycled
  • how we give back to the community
  • Rationel product specific EPDs

Test certification

Quality, durability and low energy performance are key features of Rationel products – as shown by our extensive range of test certificates and external approvals.