Installation details

In order for our products to provide the best performance and long-lasting durability for your home, correct installation is essential.

Download the recommended installation details for each of our product ranges below.

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Installation details for Rationel AURAPLUS and FORMAPLUS

Installation details for passive houses

When it comes to Passive Houses, installation details are often overlooked. But from our experience, we have found that it is important to understand that a lot of heat can be lost here (linear transmission loss – psi-value) if this detail is not developed in conjunction with the overall building design.

A well-designed installation detail will typically cut down 0.5-4 kWh/m2/year of the heating demand, which is a significant
proportion of the total allowance of 15 kWh/m2/year (up to 25%).

We have drawings of various installation details suitable for Passive House projects with corresponding psi-values. However, as these vary, we would recommend that the best solution is to have the exact psi-value for your installation details calculated on a project-specific basis.

If an exact calculation is not made then the final PHPP calculation will be defaulted to the conservative psi-value of 0.04 W/m K.

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Download data for PHPP