Glazing options

A window is not just a pane of glass. At Rationel, we offer a range of different glazing options to help improve comfort, style and energy efficiency, including glass for acoustic control, solar protection, safety and security, and in a range of colours and patterns.

The ideal glass for every location:

Frosted or patterned glass

Designed to reduce transparency, Rationel OBSCURE glass is the ideal choice for any room where both privacy and natural light are essential, such as a bathroom.

Acoustic control

If you live in a big city, near a busy road, or close to any source of noise, Rationel SOUND glass offers great acoustic control, helping absorb sound and improve the comfort of your home.

Solar control

Designed to minimise solar gain – free heat from the sun – Rationel SOLAR glass is the ideal choice for south or west facing windows or facades, to help ensure a comfortable temperature in every room.

Security glass

Difficult to break, Rationel SECURE glass features laminated panes designed to deter even the most persistent burglar. Rationel SECURE glass has been tested in accordance with several national and European safety standards, including those that give certification under Secured by Design. For maximum performance, specify alongside the full range of Rationel security features.

Coloured glass

Choose from a wide range of Rationel FACADE standard colours (plus additional shades on request) to add visual impact and special effects, or to create coloured glass panels across floor slabs, for example.

Safety glass

Toughened or laminated – or a combination of the two – extra-strong Rationel SAFETY glass is designed to break safely in order to minimise risk of injury, and has been tested and marked according to several national and European standards.