We offer two aluminium clad product ranges: Rationel AURAPLUS & Rationel FORMAPLUS. Each one has been specifically designed to fit a certain style of build. AURAPLUS is well suited to modern, while FORMAPLUS is perfect for more traditional projects of a classic style.

One of the unique benefits of the PLUS ranges is the opportunity for two different colours – one on the inside of your home and another one outside. And with more than 200 colours to choose from, you can create a pairing that’s totally unique to you and your home.

Designed to last
for decades

The addition of aluminium cladding to our solid and sustainable timber frame means a far increased life expectancy of your windows – by as much as 20+ years. But with minimal maintenance required, all you’ll have to do is sit back and enjoy them. What’s more, the extremely durable nature of this style ensures it will withstand even the harshest of weather conditions with ease.

Passion. Expertise.

Our passion for Scandinavian design has run through our veins for more than 60 years. It means we treat every single window with respect, crafting with quality and attention to detail to create something beautifully bespoke and built to last. It’s our mission to ensure people all over the world can enjoy our state of the art products for many years to come.

See what makes us different.

Useful guides for aluminium clad timber windows

Check out our helpful guides for information on everything from distributors to installation advice.

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Good aftercare is essential if you want your windows to last for decades to come – our aftercare information has got you covered.

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