Security performance is a vital point to consider when selecting the right windows and doors for your home. Thanks to plenty of experience working with Housing Associations, community developments and commercial projects, the security and safety of Rationel windows and doors is second to none.

Our enhanced windows and doors have been tested and marked according to several national and European standards, including the official police security initiative, Secured by Design.

To be certified under this initiative, the frame and corresponding lock and hardware set of the window or door must be able to withstand a series of physical tests based on common burglary methods. Rationel offers a wide range of products which, despite their elegant and aesthetic appearance, are built to meet the Secured by Design standard.

Security in windows

Rationel windows are extremely difficult to break into, fitted with a laminated pane and a security receiver with countersunk screws fixed into the sturdy part of the frame. The window hinges are reinforced with extra-strong security angles which removes the possibility of pulling the sash out of the frame. The amount of time and exertion it would take to break through a Rationel window will discourage even the most persistent of intruders.

  • Enhanced ironmongery
  • Solid bolts
  • Security receiver with angled screws
  • Hinges fixed with a security angle
  • Supplied with laminated glass, fitted with security sealant

Security in doors

Rationel doors are fitted with a three-point espagnolette locking mechanism, containing a solid hook bolt in hardened steel. This increases the strength of the door’s closing points, making it incredibly hard to break in. Extra-strong reinforced screws enhance the durability of all door hinges – coupled with hook bolt locking mechanisms made from hardened steel and a reinforced front plate, Rationel doors can resist even the most extreme applications of blunt force.

  • Enhanced ironmongery
  • Three-point espagnolette locking mechanism and hook bolt
  • Security receiver for the bolts
  • Enhanced hinges and angled screws
  • Supplied with laminated glass, fitted with security sealant

Watch the rigorous burglary testing our windows and doors are subjected to in order to receive a Secured by Design certification below.

View our SBD certificate