Rationel SECURE – anti-burglary safety glass


Most burglars enter the home through an easily accessible window or patio door, which underlines the importance of window security. Rationel SECURE laminated safety glass is designed to resist forced entry and can therefore deter a thief from attempting to break into your home.

Advantages of safety glass

As home security becomes increasingly important, Rationel SECURE is one of our most popular glass types and offers a range of performance benefits:

  • Deters burglars
  • Reduces risk of injury even when broken
  • Provides additional acoustic control
  • Also provides sun protection

Laminated glass to deter break-ins

While laminated glass is no guarantee against forced entry, it can provide a sufficient deterrent to make a thief give up in their attempt to break in. This is because laminated glass contains an invisible interlayer that is difficult to breach. If the glass is broken it remains held in place by the interlayer which keeps the glass securely intact and within the frame, thus preventing a thief from accessing inner handles.

Ideal locations for Rationel SECURE

As broken windows attract unwelcome attention, thieves prefer windows which are hidden from view from neighbours or passers-by. Laminated glass is particularly useful in such locations as a thief has to work hard to break in.

Minimise the risk of injury

As well as reducing the risk of forced entry, laminated glass also improves window safety by ensuring broken shards of glass are held in place by the interlayer and cannot cause personal injury.

Acoustic and solar protection

Rationel SECURE glass can also reduce noise levels, as the interlayer within the laminated construction of the pane also reduces UV rays by up to 98%, significantly reducing the risk of fading caused by sunlight on floors and soft furnishings.

Transparent and energy efficient

Rationel SECURE laminated panes are transparent with an invisible interlayer and do not affect the energy performance of the window unit.