Sound control windows – glass that keeps noise out


Eliminate the impact of noisy environments – from transport or industry, for example – with Rationel SOUND acoustic control glass.

Advantages of noise reducing windows

Loud external noise can affect your wellbeing, and even the value of your home. Install acoustic control glass and enjoy a range of benefits:

  • Reduced external noise
  • Improved wellbeing
  • Invisible protection
  • A more attractive home environment

Notice the difference

Sound is measured in decibels (dB) with zero decibels (0db) being the faintest sound detected by ‘normal’ hearing. Sound measured at 120-130db can cause pain and potential hearing damage.

When measuring noise reduction:

  • a decrease of 1dB can hardly be heard
  • a decrease of 3dB is clearly perceived
  • a decrease of 10dB is perceived as halving the level of noise

If external noise is measured at 68db, equivalent to a very busy road, a standard double glazed window will typically reduce this to 38dB, compared to 27dB if acoustic control glass is used within the window.

For more information, read Rationel performance declarations.

“Sound absorbing glass can make a difference because it prevents sound waves travelling through the glass pane”

How a noise reducing window works

The level of acoustic insulation depends on the number of glass panes used in the window, the thickness of each glass pane, the combination of panes and the distance between them. Triple glazing provides better acoustic control than double glazing. Standard windows feature 4mm glass panes separated by a 20mm gap. In a noise reducing window the inner glass pane is slightly thicker, by between 2-4mm – hardly noticeable.

Frame is as important as glass

While glass is a good sound insulator it’s not enough on its own – the entire frame also contributes to noise reduction, with its impact dependent on factors such as the number of opening units, window size and joint construction.

For example, a Rationel frame featuring double gaskets and three fixed glass panes will reduce noise more effectively than a window with opening lights.